Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive.

Adult Sized!  Custom chairs by Chairs R Us are made to comfortably seat an average sized adult male but can accommodate larger individuals weighing up to 300lbs. The approximate dimensions of the chair are 35″ high x 31″ wide with a depth of 33″.  The seat is approximately 18″ wide x 22″ depth and sits approximately 19″ off the ground.
YES!  Chairs R Us is happy to work with customer supplied jerseys, jackets or other apparel. Our custom ProPlayer™ and ProTeam™ Chairs are the perfect way to showcase your sports jerseys, jackets and other apparel especially those that have found a permanent home in your closet. We can even work with sports jerseys, jackets and other apparel from your college, high-school, recreational/beer league or even your child or grandchild’s minor league!
BIGGER THE BETTER!  Chairs R Us prefers to work with XL or XXL sized jerseys where ever possible.  With that said, we can accommodate smaller jerseys if necessary – just keep in mind that the larger the jersey you provide the more we have to work with and the less filler material that we’ll need to use!
YES!  Sports jerseys are made to take a beating! They’re designed to stand up to the wear and tear placed on them by pro athletes competing at the highest levels so you know they’ll be just fine for everyday use. With that said, keep in mind that jerseys, jackets and other apparel are fabrics and just like any other fabric they are subject to long term wear & tear with everyday use. We also don’t recommend you let the cat have at it with her claws or subject the chair to any other form of cruel and unusual punishment 🙂
LOTS!  We’re happy to accept payment by PayPal, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard), Cheque, Money Order, Bank Draft, Interac e-Transfer and even good ole’ fashioned CA$H  ** Please Note: We are no longer accepting first borns, vital organs or I.O.U’s  😀
YES!  PayPal allows you to shop and pay online quickly and securely.  Using PayPal allows you to pay using your PayPal balance, bank account or credit card without sharing any of your financial information. Best of all, PayPal provides you with a level of protection against unauthorized purchases and you can even still earn reward points when using your credit card through PayPal.
SOON!  Relatively speaking that is. The truth is, we custom make each and every chair by hand, one-by-one. A lot of time effort and attention to detail goes into each chair we make and as the saying goes… Good things come to those that wait! At the same time, we know you’re anxious to get your new custom chair so we developed and streamlined our production process to ensure the fastest possible turnaround time without sacrificing the highest level of quality we’re known for.  Under most circumstances you can expect to receive your custom chair in 4-8 weeks. 
NO.  Names, logos, brands and other trademarks referred to within Chairs R Us Inc.’s products and services and within ChairsRus.ca are the property of their respective trademark holders. These trademark holders are not affiliated with Chairs R Us Inc., our products, or our website unless otherwise specified. 


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Whats Makes Our Chairs So Special?


Each chair is custom made by hand on an individual basis!


Each chair is custom made in our workshop located in Toronto, Canada!


Each chair is custom made by master craftsman with attention and care paid to every detail!